Teeth facets or dental veneers

Teeth facets or dental veneers are a minimally invasive method of achieving the aesthetic requirements of patients. They include only the front side of the teeth, which allows for minimal grinding of the teeth.

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What are dental veneers or teeth facets?

If you are not satisfied with the shape of your teeth, the desired shape can be achieved quickly and painlessly with facets. Minimized irregularities in position can be corrected and spaces between teeth (diastema) can be closed. When the irregularity of the position is significantly pronounced, in that case it is necessary to correct their position orthodontically, with a fixed braces. Also one of the possible solutions is to fix the irregularity of the position with compensations in the form of dental crowns or bridges.

After completing the orthodontic therapy, it is possible to make dental veneers for the teeth, if the patient is not satisfied with the shape and final appearance of the teeth. In addition, veneers can cover various discolorations of the teeth, achieving the desired color. The veneer manufacturing process itself allows the patient to get the desired appearance and color of the teeth without extensive grinding and discomfort.

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Composite facets as the perfect solution for your teeth only at the Vuković dental office

Composite facets offer a quick and easy solution to patients who are dissatisfied with the aesthetics of their teeth. They are most often made in the aesthetic zone, ie. the zone that is visible when smiling. This type of veneer is made from the composite materials used to make white fillings. However, compared to ceramic veneers, the durability of composite veneers is incomparably lower.

They require regular controls, in order to timely notice changes that may occur over time and compromise the appearance and duration. It should also be emphasized that dark colored drinks and food can discolor the composite veneers, which should be kept in mind.

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Advantages of setting ceramic veneers

The making of ceramic veneers is more demanding than composite facets, but they are significantly longer lasting. They are made of a special type of ceramic in a thin layer. Unlike composite veneers, ceramic veneers do not change color over time, which is one of its advantages. Also, it has significantly better optical characteristics. However, they are significantly more expensive and their production time is longer.

Proper maintenance of facets or dental veneers

After making dental veneers, it is especially important to avoid biting off food. High pressure in the area of teeth with veneers can cause them to break, which is why you should pay attention when consuming hard food. Making dental veneers is contraindicated in teeth that have been treated or covered with large fillings. It is important to emphasize that people who grind their teeth are also not suitable candidates.

The advantage of composite facets is a natural appearance, regardless of whether they are made for the purpose of reconstructing a fewer or more number of teeth. In addition, minimal grinding during the making of veneers saves tooth substance. Veneers and metal-free crowns fit perfectly because they are made of the same material, forming an aesthetic whole.

The durability of dental veneers is largely influenced by their maintenance, which primarily refers to adequate maintenance of oral hygiene. In addition to the use of brushes with soft fibers and paste, it is important to use the thread and interdental brush for the hygiene of the interdental spaces. Inadequate oral hygiene can lead to caries, which compromises the durability of dental veneers. For these reasons, the patient must keep in mind the importance of regular oral hygiene after veneers are made.

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The price of composite and ceramic veneers for teeth - quality above all

One of the frequently asked questions is the cost of dental veneers. In Vuković's dental office, the price of composite facets is 80 Euros per tooth, while the price of ceramic veneers is 260 Euros per tooth.

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Quality veneers or dental facets in the Vuković dental office

In the Vuković dental office, dentists Dr. Blažo Vuković and spec. Dr. Marija Vuković Stevanov make and inset dental veneers and dental facets. Schedule an appointment and our expert team of dentists will find the best solution for you.

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