The missing tooth or more teeth almost always cause not only esthetic but a lot of other problems like difficulties in chewing, breathing or speech. As a consequence, this furthermore provokes problems with digestion.

Toothlessness leads to damage of the jaw bone and jaw-joint as well, and aesthetically it completely deforms the lower face. Due to the lack of one tooth, other teeth can move towards this empty space and make it difficult for all subsequent prosthetics.

Modern dental prosthetics gives us opportunity to make compensation for the lost teeth for our patients, both in aesthetic and functional terms, we can compensate for the lack of one or more teeth.

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Dental prostheses

In accordance with the teeth condition of a patient and the personal wishes , the dental clinic "Vukovic" proposes and implements the best solution for each individual case. Prosthetics can be:

  • ixed ( bridges )
  • mobile (prostheses)
  • combined (bridges and prostheses)

Depending on whether it is necessary to make compensation for all teeth in the jaw or just for certain teeth, dentures can be partial and total.

Taking into account all relevant factors and in case it is necessary to do dental prostheses , in our dental clinic it is possible to get:

  • immediate dentures
  • acrylic partial dentures
  • acrylic total dentures ( can be also reinforced by titanium mesh)
  • skeleton partial dentures (with sliders, attachments or hooks)

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Acrylic dentures

They are ideal for complete toothlessness, and can also be an excellent solution in many other cases. Total acrylic dentures reinforced by titanium mesh which significantly strengthens their resistance are specially popular. The financial aspect makes them highly sought being an affordable and long-term solution. Aesthetically, they are as well an excellent solution and satisfy very high criteria.

Skeleton dentures

Skeleton dentures are mobile prosthetics and are combined with fixed prosthetics (bridges).Their advantage is the feeling of naturalness ( as opposed to total dentures where there is a feeling of a foreign body but to which a patient gets used to overtime since a feeling of a foreign body is reduced to a minimum).

They can be linked together with bridges (fixed prosthetics) by attachments, sliders or hooks. From the aesthetic point of view, the sliders are the perfect solution because they cannot be noticed. No matter what kind of a link is used from the above mentioned (sliders, attachments, or hooks), dentures can be removed and cleaned.


Metal and non-metal crowns for teeth

Crowns are sorts of cover for damaged teeth and are used in case of toothlessness when it is necessary to grind the neighboring teeth( around the toothless area), even if they are completely healthy, but to provide a complete set of teeth. More linked crowns make bridges (fixed prosthetics ). The bridge is the most comfortable way of compensation for missing teeth since the pressing force is transferred over the remaining teeth roots to the bone as in the case of natural teeth, giving fully natural sense when chewing.

Crowns are placed on natural teeth and are absolutely identical to them in appearance. They are used in the following situations:

  • when the tooth is broken
  • when the problem is too big to be solved by tooth fillings
  • when it is necessary to protect the tooth after any kind of intervention

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Before putting the crowns for teeth, certain preparations should be done, i.e. grinding the teeth and adjusting its shape so that the cover can be placed. Based on the tooth-print an appropriate crown is made which is by its form identical to the natural tooth.

In our dental clinic patients can get metal-free or metal-ceramic crowns.

Metal-ceramic is a widespread material, for financial reasons mainly, aesthetically as well quite good. It understands a cap made of metal on which ceramics is modeled.

Metal-free ceramic is a material of a newer generation functionally as good as a metal-ceramic, aesthetically a perfect solution offering an absolute naturalness in appearance. It implies a cap of zirconium (white-color material) on which ceramics is modeled.


Relining and repair of dental prostheses

In our dental clinic Vukovic, you can solve your problems with prostheses quickly and efficiently. Whether a break occurs in the prosthesis and it is necessary to affix it or because it started to "walk" in a mouth and needs repairing, we will solve the problem fast and without any discomfort for the patient.

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