Frenectomy is a procedure that removes the connective tissue (frenum) at either the top or the bottom  of the mouth, specifficaly under the tongue or the upper gums. The patients may experience certain  speech, eating or orthodontic problems.

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When is frenectomy needed

Labial frenectomy (of the lip) is very common with patients who have tissues attached to the center of  the upper lip causing recession of gums or a gap between the upper front teeth. 

Frenectomy can also  be performed to remove a section of tissue (the frenulum) that attached to the gingival tissue between  the teeth.

Lingual frenectomy (tongue) is an important treatment since too short or too tight frenum can interfere  with speech development.


Frenectomy procedure and recovery

In most cases the oral frenectomy procedure is fairly simple and easy to do. It lasts about 10-15 minutes  and is performed in local anesthetic. A few stitches are required to close the incision and they are  removed after 7 days.
Recovery after an oral frenectomy is generally simple. Your doctor may prescribe painkillers and  recomme nd cold compresses and eating cold food.

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Frenectomy in the Vukovic dental practice

frenektomija - dr marija vuković stevanov

Spec. Dr Marija Vuković Stevanov

Frenectomy is a simple surgical procedure and it is very important to do it on time. We provide first-class  dental care and our experienced doctor Marija Vuković Stevanov is here for you and your kids. Make an  appointment right away.

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