Tooth extension allows almost completely restoring not only the functionality but also the appearance of  the teeth. A crown extension is also known as a crown lengthening surgery and it can be used to improve  a „ gummy“ smile. It reshapes your you gums to expose more of your teeth. This technique is also  recommended if a tooth is too short.

There are:

  • Cast metaL extensions
  • Fiberglass extensions
  • Radix anker

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Cast dental extensions

These extensions are made of metal in a laboratory after a mould is taken.

Fiberglass dental extensions

These are ready-made, prefabricated packed extensions which can be used instantly, without taking a  mould. The results are great . Fiberglass does not influence the tooth colour unlike metal which can show  some shades. This issue is very important, especially at front teeth.

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Nadogradnja zuba

Radix anker

Radix anker are root canal posts made of metal and are screwed into canal without taking mould. They  come prefabricated in different sizes. The advantage is that the time needed is shorter. They are  suitable especially for side regions and front as well.
Tooth extension is an excellent way to restore functionality and the appearance of the teeth, chewing is  more comfortable and it is certainly a better solution than an implant.

The price

The price of a tooth extension in the Vuković dental office costs 6,000.00 dinars.

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All types of dental augmentation in the dental practice Vukovic

The works are done by our experienced team – Dr. Blažo Vuković and Dr. Marija Vuković Stevanov. If you have any problems with your teeth, make an appointment with us. 
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