OZONYTRON is a device of the latest generation that enables completely painless oxygen therapy with the aim to achieve ideal results in surgery. It is especially indicated in the flap gum surgeries as well as in the causal therapy of periodontal disease in the treatment of periodontal pockets and maintenance of the achieved therapeutic results.

We are the first in Serbia to offer the unique ozone gum therapy! 

In addition to periodontal pockets and inflamed gums, surgical wounds are also treated with active ozone after the installation of implants and after tooth extraction, as well as aphthae, ulcerations, and decubitus (smaller and larger sores in the oral cavity of different origins, as a result of inadequate tissue adaptation to wearing total or visil dentures), tooth damages during tooth grinding in prosthetic rehabilitation... 

The effect of ozone is reflected in a pronounced bactericidal effect because its presence destroys bacteria as well as viruses and fungi and accelerates wound epithelization and healing of all tissue layers.  

Dental office Vuković offers you all types of ozone therapy in step with technological progress according to world standards and innovations in the field of dentistry and treatment with the most modern device OZONYTRON, unique on the domestic market! 

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Ozone therapy in the treatment of periodontal pocket

During treatment of the periodontal pocket, the effect of ozone is reflected in the fact that, with the help of a specially adapted probe, suitable for various defects, it penetrates all parts of the periodontal pocket, eliminating the main cause of the periodontal pocket, which is primarily bacteria. The antimicrobial effect of ozone is also manifested on highly resistant strains such as Porphyromonas gingivalis, Prevotella intermedia, Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans and others responsible for the faster development and progression of periodontitis - in the people improperly called "paradenthosis“.The next no less significant effect of ozone is in the direct stimulation of growth factors, without taking blood and centrifugation (within the PRP or PRF method). Growth factors, of which there are about 20, are special products of our blood that are concentrated in platelets (cells known as blood platelets), from where they are released during injury and during wound healing. If their concentration increases (by the PRP method for example about 300 times) and by ozone therapy up to a thousand times, the healing of the wound is significantly accelerated, and the absolute reintegration of the tissue is possible!  

In the case of a periodontal pocket, this means before all that after the mechanical treatment of the periodontal pocket and the removal of all granulations, necrotic tissue and microorganisms, Ozone therapy enables the complete devitrification of the periodontal pocket, as well as the accelerated healing of the wound after its treatment.

Ozonoterapija-uznapredovana parodontapija
Ozonoterapija-posle prvog tretmana


Ozone therapy in advanced periodontitis      

Ozone therapy after the first treatment, the gums are visibly less inflamed!  
Ozone therapy successfully destroys all microorganisms and favors the growth factors from our cells, thus doubly stimulating tissue repair and the recovery and calming of the gums, quickly, efficiently, and healthily in a completely natural way.

Application of ozone therapy in surgery

During gum surgery, the so-called Modified Flap operation  according to WIDMAN  (MWRO) , the separation of the flap of tissue that is affected by microorganisms and the detailed treatment of periodontal pockets under the control of the eye, is performed. It makes it possible to completely eliminate microorganisms, parts of damaged and extinct tissue, the layers of the tooth root affected by bacteria and to place the artificial bone on the treated region, which fills the defects caused by the long-term presence of bacteria and fuses with the natural bone, ensuring a reduction in the depth of the periodontal pocket and unhindered further maintenance of hygiene.

Ozonoterapija u hirurgiji

Ozone therapy greatly promotes the devitrification of the region of the surgical wound, the complete destruction of microorganisms, as well as the highly accelerated healing of the surgical wound and the establishment of the integrity of all oral tissues!

Currently, OZONATION THERAPY is applied only in the Vuković Dental Practice in surgery, not just in MWRO operations but in the therapy of receding gums, the so-called gingival recession, too! Receding gums occur for a lot of different reasons and the therapy is surgical reconstruction of the defect using a free mucosal autograft taken from the palate. 

OZONOTHERAPY enables proper and successful graft union as well as the place of donation (the so-called donor region, palate) with an extreme success! 

Tooth extraction leaves a wound, the healing of which is most often painful and slow. With the help of Ozone therapy, wounds heal extremely quickly and almost painlessly, thanks primarily to the accelerated activation of growth factors!


Ozone therapy in conservative dental treatment  

Caries that penetrates the deeper layers of the teeth represent bacteria that work to destroy first the enamel, then the dentin, eventually penetrating the pulp (nerve of the tooth). In that case, tooth devitalization is performed, during which the infected nerve (pulp) is eliminated, and the tooth root canals are treated. The canals are processed mechanically, with endodontic needles, with copious rinsing. However, the complete destruction of all bacteria is often unfeasible, which is why relapses, fistulas, root tip processes, etc. occur.

With the help of Ozone Therapy, it is possible to complete the total elimination of all microorganisms and a far more effective endodontic treatment with long-lasting results!

Ozonoterapija u ortodonciji
Ozonoterapija u ortodonciji

Ozone therapy as a part of orthodontic therapy, when due to the accumulation of food and difficult cleaning the resulting inflammation of the gums occurs, it eliminates the inflammation in a simple and effective way, completely painlessly and effectively.

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Treatment of canker sores with the help of ozone therapy

Canker sores in the mouth are of viral origin and represent whitish painful surfaces, which can vary in size from 1-2 mm and even up to 1 cm, when they are extremely painful and make it difficult for the normal function of the oral cavity (chewing and even speaking). They are usually not treated and pass on their own in 8-10 days. Canker sores heal within 24 hours with ozone therapy! Ozone therapy directly kills the viruses that cause canker sores, as well as accelerates the healing of the oral mucosa thanks to the growth factors released from the platelets!

Ozone therapy in the treatment of ulcers 

Due to the process of accommodation of the prostheses, there is pressure on and bruising of the mucous membrane under the prosthetic restorations, which causes severe pain and even bleeding. By adapting and correcting the prosthetic restoration, further pressure stops, but there is a feeling of pain and sensitivity in the injured place for another 7-10 days. 

With the use of Ozone Therapy, it is possible to completely heal the injured mucous membrane within 24-48 hours, stop pain and sensitivity!

Application of ozone therapy after implant installation

During the installation of implants, ozone therapy, thanks to the progressive activation of growth factors, allows the implant to stabilize in the bone in the shortest possible time, as well as the long-term effect of stabilizing the implant by stimulating the process of osseointegration (uniting the implant and the bone)!

Ozonoterapija u implantologiji

It also promotes accelerated healing of the surgical wound after the intervention. It is extremely important in the treatment of Periimplantitis   because this condition is the result of bacterial infection of the region around the implant body itself. Ozone therapy directly kills micro-organisms and devitrifies the affected region, thus preventing further loosening of the implant. Periimplantitis is an increasingly common disease analogous to periodontitis in natural teeth, the treatment of which is extremely complex and demanding. In most cases, it is difficult to treat this condition, so explantation is done (removal of the old implant, therapy of the endangered region, and if there is an option, reinsertion of the implant after a certain time).

OZONOTHERAPY made a revolution in the treatment of Periimplantitis and significantly increased the possibility of curing and stabilizing the existing implant!

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Ozone therapy in prosthetics

During the prosthetic tooth reconstruction, the remaining teeth are prepared (grinding), during which the soft tissues that include the ground teeth are damaged. Due to the need to grind the teeth in the area below the level of the gums in the lower jaw, i.e., above the level of the gums in the upper jaw, the so-called subgingival preparation causes damage to the soft tissue that surrounds the tooth as a collar (gingiva and periodontium). The gums get a dark red and even bluish-purple color in severe cases, and it takes 2 to 3 months to fully rehabilitate and then the question is whether they will get the light pink color that naturally healthy and undamaged gums have. 

With ozone therapy, already in the first session, there is a drastic improvement in the color and consistency of the gums, the swelling is reduced, and the natural light pink color of the gingiva is restored! 

From all the above, it can be concluded that this latest technological achievement in the field of dentistry is extremely effective in the treatment of numerous diseases in a completely painless and simple way!

Ozone therapy price

When it comes to ozone therapy, the price per tooth is 1000 dinars. Be among the first to receive treatment with the latest OZONYTRON device.

Ozone therapy in the Vuković dental office

ozonoterapija- dr marija vuković stevanov

Spec. Dr Marija Vuković Stevanov

In the Vuković dental clinic, all services in the field of ozone therapy are provided by an experienced dentist - Spec. Dr. Marija Vuković Stevanov. 

The unique gum therapy with ozone for the first time in Serbia!
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You can see the effect of ozone therapy in the treatment of periodontal pocket, inflamed gums, wound treatment after surgery or implant installation HERE.

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