OzonyTron is a modern device which enables a completely painless oxygen therapy so as to achieve best surgery results. It is very useful in flap surgery and causal therapy  of parodontopathy (treating periodontal pockets) and maintaining the therapy results..
We are proud to be the first in Serbia to offer this unique ozone therapy!

Ozonetherapy gives excellent results in treating periodontal pockets, surgical wounds after placing implants and tooth extractions, ulcers, aphthae...

Ozone is effectively used as an antibacterial agent to treat oral infections; it can inactivate viruses and help epitheliazation.

Our dental clinic offers various ozone therapies using this unique and modern OZONYTRON.

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Ozonotherapy - treating periodontal pockets

In such cases, ozone is applied using a  (specially adapted probe and in that way eliminating bacteria. Wound healing can be drastically accelerated when ozone therapy is used, especially after cleaning periodontal pocket!  

Ozonoterapija-uznapredovana parodontapija
Ozonoterapija-posle prvog tretmana


Ozonotherapy destroys all microorganisms, stimulates tissue reparation and sooths gums.

Ozonotherapy in surgery

During the so-called Flap surgery after WIDMAN (MWRO), a pathological tissue  is removed, so the tooth-supporting apparatus can regenerate and the depth of periodontal pockets can be reduced. We remove granulations, dead tissue, tartar and necrotic cement under the direct control of the eye. In this case, OZONOTHERAPY can speed up surgical wound healing and totally eliminate microorganisms.

Ozonoterapija u hirurgiji

We are the only to use this OZONE THERAPY in receding gums treatment!

Tooth extraction leaves a wound and its healing might be slow and painful. But, ozone therapy enables quick and almost painless recovery!


Root treatment and ozonotherapy 

Sometimes we can not prevent the dental caries, so tooth preparation should be large enough to allow the removal of carious dentin. The use of OZONOTHERAPY helps much to eliminate all the microorganisms and offers more efficient endodontic treatment with long-lasting results..

Ozonotherapy helps much in healing gingivitis, it is painless and safe way!

Ozonoterapija u ortodonciji
Ozonoterapija u ortodonciji

Ozone therapy within orthodontic therapy, when due to the accumulation of food and difficult cleaning leads to consequent gingivitis, eliminates inflammation in a simple and effective way, completely painless and effective

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The treatment of aphthae

Aphthae can be associated with virus infection and these are whitish, painful areas, usually less than 1cm in diameter. They usually fade away after up to 10 days. But, the use of ozone can heal them within 24 hours

Ozone therapy and mouth ulcers healing 

The process of adapting to prosthesis may be painful and it can lead to bleeding. The application of OZONE can heal the painful place within 48 hours ! 

Implantology and ozone therapy

Ozonoterapija u implantologiji

Application of ozone is very important since it improves the process of implant stabilisatin. It also speeds up surgical wound healing and it has got an important role in Periimplantitis since this state is a result of bacteria infection around the implant body itself. It kills bacteria and microorganisms. 

OZONOTHERAPY is a revolutionary new way in healing Periimplantitis!

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Prosthetics and ozonotherapy

During the prosthetics works, gums can be damaged and in some cases healing can last up to 3 months. This perid can be drastically shortened by using ozon . The results are visible after the first treatment. Moreover, it is completely painless, simple and efficient!

Ozonotherapy in dental clinic Vuković

ozonoterapija- dr marija vuković stevanov

Spec. Dr Marija Vuković Stevanov

All ozonotherapy works are done by Dr Marija Vuković. Do no hesitate to make an appointment!

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