Conservative dentistry deals with the treatment of dental diseases, i.e. treatment of the teeth damaged with caries and consequently, all complications of it if not cured in time. It relates to the following dental diseases:

  • caries
  • pulpitis (inflammation of nerve)
  • gangrene and
  • paradontosis

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dental diseases

A carious lesion presents damage on the tooth surface which can turn into nerve inflammation, i.e. pulpitis if not treated in time. The carious lesion is efficiently rehabilitated (the earlier stage, the better) by complete removal of modified tooth enamel and dentin " to the healthy" at which the principles of tooth preparation are maximally respected. The space after removal of the modified dental tissue ( tooth enamel and dentin) is first filled with the tooth bases that protect the tooth from thermal and other stimuli and then with the composite. Composite is a material from which a white (composite) filling is made and it is very important to be of a high-quality. In the dental clinic "Vukovic" the fillings are made of high-quality composite, brand espe3m filter that guarantees stability and excellent aesthetic effect.



In the event that a constant and intense pain occurs, not depending on any kind of stimulus and when the pain encompasses the entire side of the face so that the patient cannot determine very often which tooth hurts, sometimes intensified by stimuli (hot, cold, a touch, a bite), means that bacteria from carious lesion have penetrated the pulp chamber and came to a tooth nerve. The pulp, i.e. tooth nerve becomes damaged by bacteria and their toxins reacting to the stimuli from the mouth cavity and causing a characterized, severe and intense pain of the tooth, even of the half of the face. This condition is called pulpitis or inflammation of the dental nerve.

In this phase of disease, the only therapy for the damaged tooth is revitalization, i.e. removal of the pulp (dental nerve). Then an adequate endodontic treatment is realized meaning a detailed cleaning of the root canal with endodontic needles, its washing, and application of pastes to reduce inflammation in the interior canal. The treatment is performed in one or more phases and when the tooth becomes totally insensitive, a definite filling of the root canals is to be done.

A complete endodontic treatment is performed painlessly in the dental clinic "Vukovic" with the most modern pastes and very efficient medications for temporary and definitive filling of the tooth by which we guarantee a long-lasting and fully revitalized tooth.


Therapy of parodontosis

Therapy of parodontosis is more complex since the disease has progressed further. Bacteria and their products have penetrated across the top of the root in the neighboring tissue and bone , and since they have nowhere to spread, they exert pressure on the environment, which is specially reflected on the bite.

If purelent secretion breaks through the bone and finds it way outward, pus comes out into mouth cavity through canal called fistula which is formed over the top of the root. Empting the fistula tissue pressure is released and the pain stops , but the infection still exists and is required to be removed.

Also, if purulent secretion does not find its way outward, swelling can occur and increase so much to even endanger the function of adjacent organs ( partially closed eye, speech, chewing and swallowing hard).In any case, the therapy is surgical combined with endodontic therapy. All canals must be cleaned and filled in detail and the infection from the top of the root and adjacent tissue surgically removed " to the healthy". This intervention is called apicoectomy (resection). The whole process should be quite well and thoroughly done, both conservatively and surgically. You will be provided with this service in the most reliable way in dental clinic "Vukovic".

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dental diseases
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