Regular dental examination is the best way to save the health of your teeth. It is desirable that you do dental examination at least twice a year, so as to prevent on time the emergence and development of diseases of the teeth or oral cavity.

During the dental examination your dentist will see the condition of each tooth separately as well as the condition of your gums and the mouth in general. Therefore, dental examination is an initial step in any therapy of the teeth. Based on the examination the dentist will recommend further steps for treatment, if needed.

dental examinations

Dental examination and consultation also serve to create trust between the patient and the dentist.

How long does the dental examination last ?

Dental examination will not take more than 20 minutes. This is indeed negligible time when one bears in mind that preventive action will avoid a situation where more demanding and more expensive dental services will be indispensable.

Dental examination with written report

In dental clinic "Vukovic", after a dental examination you can also get a written report, if necessary. A written report contains diagnosis and recommendations for further treatment.

Teeth in pregnancy

It is very important that you come to a dental examination at the very beginning of the pregnancy. If you are planning a pregnancy, be sure to do the dental examination before the pregnancy, since anesthesia should be avoided in the first three months of pregnancy. After that period the majority of requirements are realizable.

The teeth in pregnancy cause problems very often, that is why it is desirable to react preventively. The reason for teeth decay during pregnancy is that then, in the body, the consumption of calcium is increased on the growth of the baby's bone structure. The easiest way to draw the essential calcium is from the mother's teeth deposits.

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dental examination

What makes the Vukovic dental practice unique in Belgrade?

Complete commitment to each individual problem and patient, friendly approach, relaxed and relaxing atmosphere, patience for the youngest patients is what sets Vukovic's dental practice apart in the first place. Relax with a pleasant atmosphere, where resting your senses of hearing and sight will forget that you are at the dentist.

The positive approach and energy of our doctors is actively transferred to the patients, with the goal of leaving us satisfied and with a perfectly bright smile.

dental examinations
dental examinations

Dental examinations and consultations in the dental clinic Vukovic

Regular dental examinations and consultations are performed by dentists- Spec. Dr Blažo Vuković i Spec. Dr Marija Vuković Stevanov. Trust us and make an appointment.

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