Implantology is a modern area in dentistry which deals with complete reconstruction and replacing of jaw structures. Except for placing dental implants, implantology also deals with reinforcement of jaw bone structures by placing artificial bone and remodelling of uper and lower jaw extensions. That way, implant placement and durability are provided.

In our consulting room, we take good care of preparation of all anatomic and dental structures, in order to gain best esthetic and functional results in the long run.

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What are dental implants?

Simply speaking, dental implants are hooks in the bone, metal cilinders which are screwed into the bone, so , extensions (visible parts ) can be added.

Placing implants in place of missing teeth is the most adequate and complete way without preparation of the nearby teeth. Implants also provide additional support, if it is needed.

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Implants brands

There are numerous brands, but in our dental clinic we work with world famous and best quality brands Bredent and Straumann. All the implants come with an original guarantee card and serial number.

Price list

The price with suprastructure:

STRAUMANN – 770 euros (payable in RSD)
BREDENT – 630 euros (payable in RSD)

The price includes implant placement, its opening after two months and suprastructure ( a part visible in the mouth), as well as gingivoformer which is aimed to remodel gums.


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How we place dental implants?

The first step of the process is giving a patient a local anaesthetic, then placing of the implant body into the bone. The implant, then, is covered with the gingiva.  At least two months are needed before the implant stabilizes and before it can be opened.

Opening of the implant also needs local anaesthetic, but the whole process lasts 15 minutes or so. Some time is also needed for placing gingivaformer which is removed 24 hours later. Then, suprastructure can be placed and the mould can be taken.

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Implantology- before
Implantology- before

Dental implants in dental clinic Vuković

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