When bacteria come to a dental nerve, i.e. pulp itself, a patient feels severe pain starting on the whole side of the face. In this case, we talk about pulpitis, in other words, inflammation of the dental nerve, and the only solution is the revitalization of the teeth. Revitalization is in fact removal of dental nerves.

Revitalization of the teeth can be:

  • vital and
  • mortal
teeth revitalization

In vital revitalization immediately after removing caries and entering the pulp chamber, mechanical removal of the nerve is performed with endodontic needles, and afterward a detailed cleaning and expanding of canal is done.

Then pastes reducing inflammation are applied. Only when a tooth becomes fully insensitive, definitive closure of the canal is done. After that a filling is put or as we say the tooth is prosthetic provided for.

Mortal revitalization means that immediately after entering canals, nerves are not removed mechanically, but at the entrance to each canal, a paste is applied to deaden a dental nerve. The paste stands for a few days, causing a complete mortification of the nerve. Afterward, the tooth is cleaned, the remains of deadened pulp and paste removed and definitive filling of the tooth is performed in the same way as in the vital revitalization.

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