The aim of fissure sealants is to prevent the development of dental caries. A fissure sealant is a material  which is placed in the pits and fissures of teeth.

The importance of fissure sealing

If children do not brush their teeth properly, microorganisms and food remains can result in tooth  decay. The shape of the pit or fissure is also such that it is impossible to clean. This explains high  susceptibility of pits and fissure to caries.

That is why it is important to apply dental fissure sealant.

zalivanje fisura

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When might you need fissure sealant

It is very important to point out that fissure sealing can be done only if there is no tooth decay.  Otherwise, the caries would spread quickly.
Fissure sealing is very important for the first molar teeth which appear at about the age of 6, when  children eat sweets and usually avoid brushing.
It is also possible to apply dental fissure sealants on milk teeth, which is important in limiting future  decay.

In our dental clnic we use the best quality fissure sealants and your kids will feel safe and comfortable.

Filling fissures in the Vuković dental practice

zalivanje fisura- dr marija vuković stevanov

Spec. Dr Marija Vuković Stevanov

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