Our experts can provide dental services that in quality of work, equipment and materials are equivalent to the same services in any part of Western Europe. However, prices of dental services in Serbia are up to 80% lower compared to the prices in some other European countries. For all those who decide to visit our dental clinic in Belgrade, we provide a number of benefits.


Dental tourism-accommodation
To our patients from abroad, dental clinic "Vukovic" can provide accommodation in the hotel "Nevski" in downtown Belgrade. Hotel "Nevski" is a four- star hotel located near the very heart of Belgrade, and yet distant enough from the noise and traffic jams. The hotel is well known for its high quality service and exceptional staff. See the official website of the hotel here.


Dental tourism-Transportation

Transportation from the airport to the hotel or dental clinic and vice versa is also provided for our gusts from abroad.


Dental tourism - telephone

Due to easier communication, you will get from us a mobile phone to use with a card and the number of Serbian operator, so as not to use your personal phone number abroad.

We help you to spend a beautiful time in Belgrade

Dental tourism
Visit to Belgrade will be much more attractive if not just reduced to visit to the dentist. Our staff will be at your disposal at any time if you need any help with the locations you would like and should see in Belgrade. We will help you to create your own tourist tour, choose a good restaurant, book your place at one of a number of clubs. Year in, year out Belgrade is reasonably becoming more and more popular tourist destination, and we will help you to discover the magic of Serbian capital.


Dental tourism - Refunds

In dental clinic "Vukovic" for our patients from abroad we issue separate accounts for foreign security by which the refund of the whole or the part of the sums of insurance money can be obtained.

Method of work

In case you are interested in our dental services, you should contact us through e-mail. Write down your wishes and requirements , but be sure to send us your orthopan tomographic x- ray .

After detailed analysis , we will give you one, or if possible in a concrete situation, more suggestions on how to solve your problem. When jointly determine which type of treatment would be the best in your case , we will agree about the further procedure.

You will be informed on the spot about the price of a dental treatment you need, half of the amount is paid on the arrival in Belgrade, another half only in the last phase of works. If the price of the treatment agreed is higher than 2000 €, all the additional services that we have mentioned are completely free.

That means:

  • bed and breakfast in the hotel "Nevski" in Belgrade
  • transportation to and from the airport
  • mobile phone with a card and the number of Serbian operator
  • assistance in getting to know Belgrade

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