Fixed orthodontic appliance (fixed prosthesis) has no upper age limit, in children, the best period is the age of 13, i.e. after the emergence of the second permanent molars.

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What does the fixed prosthesis (fixed appliance) consist of?

The fixed prosthesis consists of brackets ( briquettes), rings, arcs, and rubbers. Brackets placed by bonding to the tooth without causing its damage can be conventional (metal), aesthetic (in teeth color) and so on, the orthodontist determines the type according to the anomaly that should be corrected.

fixed prosthesis

How does the fixed orthodontic appliance (fixed prosthesis) correct the teeth?

Arcs present a source of force required to move the teeth and are inserted among the brackets. In connection with arcs and brackets and adding the appropriate ligature we set up teeth into the desired position. How long we would wear the fixed prosthesis, i.e. how long the orthodontic treatment would last, depends on the kind of anomaly and varies from one to two years.

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The behavior of the patient after placing a fixed prosthesis

The intervention of placing a fixed prosthesis itself is painless, but a few hours later a slight pain can emerge disappearing spontaneously. While eating it is important to chop food into small snacks and avoid seeds and sticky stuff (caramel, lollipops) which are held on the teeth and brackets. Oral hygiene must be adapted to a newly created situation which means more frequent and thorough tooth brushing, the use of orthodontic toothbrushes, dental floss, and mouth-washing solutions.

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