Today the matalceramic crown is one of the most widely used fixed restorations. The restoration consists  of a complete- coverage metal crown that is veneered with a layer of fused porcelain to copy the  appearance of a natural tooth. 

The metal part can be made of cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy,  titanium or gold.

metalokermičke krunice

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The metal-ceramic restorations combine, to a large degree, the strength of metal with the aesthetics of  all-ceramic crown.
One of the most important advantages of metal-ceramic is the price, actually, metal-ceramic crown is  MUCH CHEAPER than non-metal crown. Still, it is true that non-metal crowns look more natural. Cast  metal does not refract light and zirconia in non-metal crowns does, which gives the tooth natural looks.

Metal-ceramic crowns-Before
Metal-ceramic crowns-Before

The importance of dental prosthesis restoration?

A dental prosthesis is an intraoral prosthesis used to restore intraoral defects such as missing teeth,  missing parts of teeth and jaw. Since these defects can make many problems in chewing, aesthetics and  speech, we offer the best solutions for solving the problems.
So, all these can be avoided by choosing the best type of dental prosthesis device after you have been  informed by our doctors team – Dr BLAŽO VUKOVIĆ and MARIJA VUKOVIĆ STEVANOV.

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All this can be avoided by the correct choice of prosthetic work, where fixed prosthetics (bridges and crowns) have priority in today's dentistry, and metal-ceramic crowns within it. Apart from prosthetics, the most common branch is IMPLANTOLOGY, which achieves absolute reconstruction of toothless fields, without disturbing adjacent teeth or additional support to natural teeth within fixed prosthetic work.

Placement of metal-ceramic crowns on both jaws after the right lobe operation

Metal-ceramic crowns-Before
Metal-ceramic crowns-Before

Production and installation of metal-ceramic crowns in the dental practice Vukovic

In the dental practice Vuković, the production and installation of metal-ceramic crowns is done by dentists-spec. dr Blažo Vuković and spec dr. Marija Vukovic Stevanov. Make an appointment and our expert team will find the best solution for your teeth.

You can see more about our work in the field of making and installing metal-ceramic crowns HERE.

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