Orthodontics is a field of dentistry which deals with repair of irregularities in the development of the jaw and teeth growth. Irregular teeth growth and jaw asymmetry present both aesthetical and functional problem.

After the expert examination and discussion with the patient, the dental clinic "Vukovic" gives suggestions for the therapy that will provide the best results. With the regular monitoring, together we are going to do our best for your teeth to be correct again and your smile perfect.

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Orthodontic treatments can be carried out at all ages, we should just use an appropriate orthodontic device, fixed or mobile. The mobile one is usually used in children, though in adult period it can also successfully solve certain problems. For fixed orthodontic devices minimum age is 13 years with the emergence of the second permanent molars, and the upper limit does not exist. Adults take orthodontic treatment for aesthetic and functional reasons, also for pre-prosthetic teeth preparation. More detailed information on fixed and mobile orthodontic devices you can find here.

In the dental clinic "Vukovic" you will have the ideal solution for teeth correcting for every situation and age.

dental foils

What to do after completed orthodontic treatment?

After finishing the treatment and achieving the desired arrangement of teeth and surrounding structures, we can do the treatment of teeth whitening which do not damage the teeth, and complete the picture of perfect smile.

In order to save newly created and desired inter-jaw relations and teeth arrangement, it is necessary to do RETENTION FOIL (OCCLUSAL SPLINT), that is worn during sleep and is very comfortable for a patient. Corrected teeth tend to return to their original position so that the foil is an ideal solution to save the desired teeth arrangement. 

The foil is fast and simply made on the basis of the tooth- print taken in a clinic. In the dental clinic "Vukovic", teeth retention foils are made of high-quality materials which provide a high level of patient comfort, achieving at the same time excellent functional results.

The objective of orthodontic treatment

The objective of wearing retention foils ( occlusal splint) is to make contacts of the neighboring teeth at one point with the opposing jaws , so that the teeth fit on the principle "key-lock" and the inter-relations are saved.

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