A scaler is a device that produces micro-vibrations making a number of micro-bumps on the tooth surface, thus a number of concrements ( hard deposits with bacteria in them) fall from the teeth surface. While producing micro-vibrations, the device discharges to water, thus providing cooling and avoiding overheating of the teeth and adverse reactions.


It is advisable to remove it at least twice a year

In this way, a self-cleaning of this space is carried out and progressive gingivitis stopped, later periodontopathy, as well.
Removal of tartar is advised once in six months, more often as well. With certain number of people saliva can be hyper-mineralized, which leads to more frequent deposition of minerals and creation of tartar faster than with people with normal saliva mineralization. In that case it is necessary to clean tartar more frequently, once in 2-3 months.

In dental clinic "Vukovic" you can fast and efficiently solve the problem of tartar removal with teeth polishing as a must, removing soft deposits of teeth and pigmentations and you can get out of our clinic fully satisfied with a new shiny and healthy smile.


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