These crowns are made of tooth-coloured ceramic and porcelain materials. Although there are some  cheaper solutions, non-metal crowns are the best choice since ceramic and porcelain are excellent  substitutes for tooth material in appearance and function.

They have become standard on high aesthetic restorative works.

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Zirconia crowns

Dental crowns are caps that cover a tooth or a dental implant. Besides ceramic and porcelain, there's  another option now available – ZIRCONIA CROWNS.

Zirconia dental crowns are becoming increasingly common. Your crowns should be made of a strong  material, so zirconia may be a good choice.

bezmetalne krunice

Zirconia dental crowns advantages:

  • Strength
  • Longevity
  • Biocompatibility ( it is less likely to provoke the body into producing a reaction or immunological  response like inflammation.
  • Perfect aesthetic result
Metal-free zirconium crowns-Before
Metal-free zirconium crowns-Before

Zirconia is very strong and there will be no need for much preparation of your tooth.

Dental crowns other advantages

First of all, ceramic crowns and bridges are nearly unidentifiable. They are efficient, long-lasting  and much stronger than other materials. Crowns can take natural tooth's shape and looks  without causing pain and sensitivity.

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krunice za zube

All-ceramic dental crowns offer impressive aesthetic results and there are no dental margines at  the gum line. They are strong and long-lasting. Although there's also the question if financial  issue, it is good to think and take advantages of the marvel of modern cosmetic dentistry. All ceramic crowns can be ideal solution. 

If you decide for metal-free ceramics, which will achieve a superior aesthetic and functional effect, dental practice Vukovic with its professional team guarantees you quality and longevity, as well as maximum personal satisfaction with your perfect smile.

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bezmetalna keramika

Installation of quality metal-free crowns and dental covers in the Vukovic dental practice

In the dental practice Vuković, the installation of metal-free crowns and dental covers is done by dentists - spec.dr. Blažo Vuković and spec. Dr. Marija Vukovic Stevanov. Schedule an examination and our professional team of dentists will find the best solution for your teeth.

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