Gingivitis is characterized by extremely sensitive and painful gums at the slightest touch, chewing or teeth brushing. The gums bleed when brushing the teeth, using dental floss or inter dental toothpicks.

Bad breath feels which is characteristic for bacteria products. There are a number of causes for gingivitis, one of the main is presence of tartar at the edge of the tooth, where gingival (gum) is connected to the tooth, bad oral hygiene , deficit of some vitamins, the compromised immune status of the organism ( due to pregnancy, long-lasting and exhausting menstrual cycles or some general diseases).

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Gingivitis terapy

Gingivitis therapy involves before all removal of the main cause, i.e. removal of soft and hard deposits (removal of tartar), rinse of inflammatory area by water- pick apparatus with antibacterial solutions, massage of gums, the use of dental floss and inter-dental brushes with antibacterial gels is compulsory ( when needed), just as regular rinse of oral cavity by adequate solutions. Antibiotics are also prescribed , if necessary.

In dental clinic "Vukovic" along with free dental checkup and diagnosis of gingivitis , you will also obtain an adequate therapy and in the shortest possible time you will get rid of gingivitis and keep healthy gums which do not bleed.

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