Skeletal or Vizil prosthesis is used when some teeth are missing. For example, there are front teeth, but  side teeth are missing.

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vizil proteze

Skeletal prosthesis consists of metal part connecting two sides of prosthesis. At sides there are  connections which can be:

  • Attachments
  • Sliders
  • Hooks

Esthetically, slides seem to be the best solution, since teeth have natural look. Less esthetic, but  cheaper solution is hooks, since they are visible. Prosthesis should be removed so as to be  cleaned, which means that hygiene is very important.

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Visil prosthesis in the dental practice Vukovic

Skeletal prosthesis in combination with crowns offer comfort and is financially justified. Our experienced team is waiting for you – Dr Blažo Vuković and Dr Marija Stevanov Vuković If you have any dental problem, just make an appointment.

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