Teeth sandblasting

Teeth sandblasting is a fantastic method that removes all pigmentation and biofilm particles remaining after ultrasonic removal of soft and hard plaque and polishing of teeth.
Sandblasting is performed using a special AIRFLOW device, which ejects abrasive micro particles under pressure and centrifugation. These particles have such a chemical structure that they do not damage dental tissues, but polish them superbly and remove absolutely all residual plaque from them. Teeth sandblasting is used in the supragingival region, i.e. above the level of the gingiva on dental tissues: enamel, dentin or cement.

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What is teeth sandblasting and who is it recommended for?

Sandblasting can only be done if the gums are not very inflamed. In that case, the inflammation of the gums is repaired first, and after their rehabilitation, the teeth are sandblasted. The teeth sandblasting procedure is very simple and pleasant for the patient.

First, after the ultrasonic removal of all soft and hard deposits - removing tartar from the teeth, the teeth are polished with highly abrasive pastes.
After removing most of the biofilm and pigmentation, the teeth are sandblasted, which is very pleasant and the powder used can be of different flavors, adapted to each patient's wishes.

Investment in a beautiful smile - Price of teeth sandblasting in Vuković dental office

 As for the price of the procedure itself, in the Vuković dental clinic, tooth sandblasting costs 3,000.00 dinars.

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Get rid of teeth pigmentation and achieve the effect of "Smooth and shiny teeth"

The feeling of "smooth teeth" is irreplaceable. By sandblasting, it is further achieved that the plaque sticks to the newly formed smooth surfaces of the teeth to a much lesser extent, because rough and unpolished surfaces are highly susceptible to plaque. Also, by removing even the most persistent pigmentation, the teeth color is brightened by even several shades, so that aesthetic moment is also very attractive.

Tooth sandblasting is indicated after ultrasonic removal of soft and hard deposits, primarily in order to ensure highly polished and smooth teeth surfaces, prevention and reduction of further accumulation of plaque, as well as an aesthetically significant factor in safe and painless lightening of teeth shade. In addition to teeth sandblasting, you can perform teeth whitening treatment with us.

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Teeth sandblasting in dental clinic Vukovic

ozonoterapija- dr marija vuković stevanov

Spec. Dr Marija Vuković Stevanov

In the Vuković dental office, teeth sandblasting and removal of tooth pigmentation is performed by an experienced dentist- spec. dr Marija Vuković Stevanov. Unique gum therapy with ozone is for the first time in Serbia. Be satisfied with your smile, so don't wait, schedule an appointment, and we are here to put a smile back on your face.

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