This procedure involves radical removal of pathologically changed connective tissue of periodontium until reaching the bone, from which, with special instruments, sub-gingival concrements (creations originating from the tartar with bacteria and their products making direct bone degradation) are removed.

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The course of the operation

Flap surgery is actually performed "to the healthy" and all other causes leading to further degradation of periodontium (tissue connecting the tooth to dental cup) are completely removed. Then, into bone defects, created as a result of the destruction of periodontal tissue, artificial bone with micro-granules is applied fulfilling all the defects in the bone. Over the artificial bone with granules, special membranes are placed preventing possible falling out of granules retaining them to remain in defects.

The artificial bone and membranes used in the dental clinic "Vukovic" are of the highest quality and by all international standards, they are biocompatible with human organisms and neither cause allergic reactions nor are rejected by the body.

flap surgery

An artificial bone has a double role:

  • Fulfills the defects in parent (human) bone and over time it grows together with it fully, making it firmer and more compact.
  • Artificial bone stimulates osteogenesis (creating a natural bone) by stimulating the cells of the human body, osteoclasts, and osteoblasts to produce new cells of the human bone - osteocytes.

Thus, a new bone is created and that is why flap surgery is a primary therapy in curing of progressive periodontopathic. After radical cleaning of concrements, applying an artificial bone with granules, and placing membranes, the flap is returned to its place and is very precisely sewn with the application of special surgical bandages where necessary. All the time, up to the moment of removing the stitches the patient is on antibiotics therapy. The stitches are removed after 7 days, during that period oral hygiene is difficult, but it should be implemented as much as possible.

More than 25 years of experience in performing flap surgery

In the dental clinic "Vukovic" the flap surgeries have been performed for more than 25 years extremely successfully with excellent results as evidenced by numerous experiences of fully satisfied patients. If you have a problem of this kind, come to us and your problem will be solved by our expert team in the best possible way and we will meet maximally your wishes and requirements.

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flap surgery
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