Teeth whitening

We perform the teeth whitening completely painlessly, in only one session, using the most modern preparations. The teeth whitening has a double effect:


  • Esthetic effect
  • Protection of teeth from decay ( caries)


Although the teeth whitening is before all an esthetic intervention , it also has an important impact on the health of the teeth. The preparations that we use in dental clinic" Vukovic" are enriched with minerals that protect teeth from decay and prevent the collection of pigments from food on the tooth surface.


How to do the teeth whitening?

For perfectly shiny and healthy smile only 90 minutes is needed. The teeth whitening procedure itself can be divided into several steps:


  • Ultrasonic removal of tartar
  • Teeth polishing
  • Application of right protection to the teeth gums
  • Illumination by teeth whitening laser lamps
  • Removal of gel


Preparation for the teeth whitening in the dental clinic "Vukovic" is performed by special high-quality pastes, then protection is applied to the gingival so that the bleach could not penetrate to it. The effect of whitening gel is intensified by occasional illumination by the laser lamps for teeth whitening. After removing the gel, perfectly white teeth will remain in the shade chosen by the very patient.

Teeth whitening for all ages

Teeth whitening treatment is suitable for all ages and for all those wishing a dazzling smile. Teeth whitening is also recommended after removing the fixed orthodontic appliance. It has been proved that perfectly white teeth and "Hollywood smile" increase self-confidence in people.

In dental clinic " Vukovic" you can get your perfect smile quite painlessly after just one visit and treatment and the results will amaze you.

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