Orthodontic appliances

In orthodontic therapy two types of appliances are used:


  • mobile orthodontic appliances
  • fixed orthodontic appliances (known as fixed prostheses)


When is it necessary to wear orthodontic appliances ?


The diagnosis of malocclusion ( disrupted position and arrangement of the teeth and jaws) is made on the basis of clinical examination and profile and orthopan- tomographic x-ray and after analysis, the plan for orthodontic therapy is made. Depending on age and the type of malocclusion , mobile or fixed orthodontic appliance is advised.

MOBILE ORTHODONTIC APPLIANCE usually wear children when at a certain moment of their development we have to act on their bone structures and their jaws widen, or when incorrect position of the teeth is to be brought into the correct position. The period of wearing this appliance is very important and is determined by the orthodontist. It is not allowed to wear it when eating and during some physical activities .Mobile orthodontic appliance can be worn even from the age of 6, i.e. from emergence of the first permanent teeth.

FIXED ORTHODONTIC APPLIANCE is used without upper age limit , ideal period for children to wear it is from the age of 13,i.e. after emergence of the second permanent molars.