Cosmetic dentistry

It is the objective of cosmetic dentistry to provide a perfect smile for a patient. After we hear your wishes and assess the condition of your teeth, in our dental clinic you will get the proposal which will lead you to the bright and aesthetically flawless smile.

Either you wish the teeth whitening or you are not satisfied with your teeth position, the dental clinic "Vukovic" is there to get back smile on your face of which you will be proud of.

estetska stomatologija - stomatoloska rdinacija vukovic beograd
Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a treatment most frequently used in cosmetic dentistry . Over time, teeth lose their natural whiteness and shine, and there are numerous reasons for that.

After only one session of teeth whitening, you will have a bright smile again. The process itself lasts 90 minutes and is absolutely painless.

Zircon in the tooth

For all those wishing their smile to be even more shiny, the ideal solution is the zircon in the tooth. This is the simple way to draw attention to your smile, moreover the zircon is placed and taken off easily.

The zircon in the tooth you can get fast, and the treatment is absolutely painless leaving no damage of any kind to your tooth.
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