Children dentistry - children's dentist

Even from the early childhood it is very important to learn how to take care of the teeth health. Regular dental checkup is very important for little ones , so as to identify and eliminate any possible irregularity and stop dental caries at an early stage.
Children's dentist plays a significant role in a kind of relationship a child will have to dental health, and the visits to the dentist. Because of that, a good children's dentist has to be a good educator and establish at the same time a relationship of trust with children.

Painless dental treatment

Dental treatment is absolutely painless due to an anesthetic gel which provides a painless sting of an anesthetic. Even when a child comes to a dentist with a tooth pain, or when a tooth defect advanced so much that it has already caught the pulp chamber (nerve) itself, and when the deadening of it is a must, the whole treatment is still painless. The use of anesthesia and anesthetic gel make the treatment quite acheless.

Children at the dentist's

We should take children to the dentist regularly to continuously monitor the state of their teeth. Children can learn proper brushing technique at the dentist's.

A good children's dentist is there to solve a frequent problem with children- fear of dentists. Fear of dentists may occur as a result of a previous bad experience or can be transferred by parents themselves to their children. However, an experienced children's dentist can change that kind of children's attitude, he needs to gain their trust, relax a little patient and help to overcome the fear of the dentist.

Children's dentist - belgrade

In a dental clinic "Vukovic" in Belgrade an experienced team who believes that satisfied children are the best recommendation for our work, expects you.

The children's dentist in our clinic offers the following services:


  • Painless tooth repair
  • Removal of soft deposits
  •  Fissure sealing
  • Extraction of deciduous ( milk) tooth
  • Therapy of unfinished root growth
  • Comes psychological preparation of the child and talk without intervention

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