Dental clinic "Vukovic", Belgrade

Dental clinic "Vukovic", Belgrade was founded in 1987 and in its decades-long tradition and practice it has served thousands of satisfied patients. Completely renovated, according to the highest aesthetic standards and in a pleasant and relaxant ambience, our expert team of doctors awaits you.


Keeping pace with the latest developments of technology and aesthetics, and holding the basic postulates of Hippocrates, we meet each patient in the most appropriate way. The basic motive of our expert team is "Treat each patient as yourself", which means total commitment to each individual problem and after a thorough analysis, the implementation of appropriate therapy at the highest standards and materials of the highest level of quality, which we are especially proud of.

Also, in our clinic there is an anti-aging hijaluron center that deals with aesthetic problems and in perfect symbiosis with dental interventions leads to ideal aesthetic and functional outcomes. So, from our clinic you'll go without pain, completely satisfied and beautiful, since you solve all your problems in one place.



Dental Specialist, Orthodontist Dr. Blazo Vukovic

Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade in 1974, specialized in orthodontics and children's preventive dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade in 1979

Dentist Dr. Marija Vukovic Stevanov

Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade in 2006

In the dental clinic "Vukovic" you will receive, free of charge, the answers to all your questions, analysis and treatment plan. Price is always communicated in advance, so before starting therapy. In particular, we insist on an interactive doctor-patient relationship, because we believe that this is the only way for the release of fear, as well as fully relaxing feeling of the patient during the intervention. We are available to all our patients 24 hours, 7 days a week, which gives additional security to our patients. We are here to meet all your requirements in the most appropriate manner and solve any of your problems in the least painful way.